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Helical Piers

foundation-helical-piersA Helical Pier is a steel shaft with helices (round flange discs), similar to a large screw that provides a solid support for the foundation of a structure. Helical Piers are often used when the existing foundation has failed and no longer provides the designed expectations.

The purpose of a Helical Pier is to transfer the load of the structure through the unstable soil, to a stronger more suitable soil, deeper in the earth. Piering in some cases may reach bedrock. Helical Piers are a solid foundation solution.

If you are experiencing:

• cracks in the interior drywall of your home

• cracks or gaps in the foundation and masonry walls of your home

• water penetration into the basement or crawl space

• cracks, separation and misaligned parts of the homes exterior

• cracks and uneven concrete basement floors


The integrity of your home’s foundation may be compromised by Foundation Settling which can occur for several reasons. Rain water and underground water flow, a home built on backfilled soil, sub-standard footer base and poor or sandy soil compaction factors can be some of the reasons for loss of integrity of your homes foundation.

Pier installation is also a practical and effective way to repair foundation problems at commercial and industrial facilities as well. A value in Pier installation is that it can be incorporated to restore foundation integrity in limited spaces and without disturbing daily activities of the surrounding proximities as this process is less disruptive than full excavation of the foundation.


“Helical Piers are a Solid Foundation Solution”